It is always a pleasure to drop the boys off with you as we know that they are well looked after and have no worries about them when they are at your place. As soon as I load them up in the vehicle and tell them we're going to see Rick the tails start wagging and they go nuts. It definitely gives us a peace of mine knowing that they are in good hands and saves us from having to worry about them while we are traveling. It also helps that there is lots of space for them to run and wear off their energy and having the option to put them in one kennel together really helps!
Natasha Alexander, Grand Valley
(May 2018)


For the past 5 years we have taken our baby girl, Nala to Rick and Angela at R&R Pet Paradise.  She absolutely loves to go there.  As soon as we turn down the gravel road she wags her tail with excitement, it’s like we can’t drive fast enough for her.  She knows exactly were she’s going.  Once we open the car door she’s out and looking for Rick and the other dogs.  There is so much yard space for the dogs to run and play and a pond to splash in on those hot summer days.  The sleeping quarters are excellent.  They are large and spacious and the floor is heated.  I couldn’t imagine taking her anywhere else.
Susanne & Jason Voll, Listowel
(March 2018)


My 9 month old Chocolate lab Coco absolutely loves going to R& R Pet Paradise.  She loves to run and play with the other dogs and Rick and Angela have lots of space for the dogs.  When we have gone of vacation we believe that Coco is also on vacation.  Rick responds quickly to emails.  Angela is also great at reassuring me that Coco is having the time of her life. We absolutely trust that Coco receives great care and love each and every time she visits.  R&R Pet Paradise stand up to there name.  Give them a try!  You may just find that it will be your dogs home away from home.
Sheryl McTavish, Mount Forest
(February 2018)


Our family would highly recommend R&R Pet Paradise. Rick and Angela are warm, caring and highly knowledgeable professionals. Our dear Great Pyrenees, Bella has stayed at R&R Pet Paradise on three separate occasions for a week or 2 at a time. She always comes home exhausted after enjoying lots of play time in the fully fenced spacious yard. Leaving Bella with Rick and Angela is like leaving her with family!
The Wood Family (Jeff, Joan, Carina & Keegan), Toronto
(January 2018)


Christmas stocking:  I want to thank you for the gifts and info, but I particularly want to thank you for the photo of Percy and Sydney.  I can't imagine how you got them to sit like that long enough to take the picture.  I have been showing it to anyone who will look at it.
One of my best Christmas gifts.  Thank you so much!

Anita Deverell, Mount Forest
(December 2017)


Ross and I love to bring Dexter to R & R Pet Paradise and Dex loves it too! Rick, Angela and their team have a passion for the business. We know Dexter will be well cared for any time he is there.
Wendy Williams and Ross Allen, Harriston
(September 2017)


I just wanted to tell how much we appreciate the exceptional care that you provide.  Both times that Lola has stayed with you she has returned in amazing shape.  She moves and acts like a puppy again. She seems so happy and revitalized.  Thank-you so much!
Sueanne Boley, Mount Forest
(July 2017)


Thank you so much for Dook's first experience away from home.  You told Bruce how he fit in to the program with no problem which I was glad to hear.  He slept most of the afternoon yesterday. He was exhausted from playing and interacting with other dogs.  I feel much better for the next boarding stay now but me being me will still feel I've abandoned him.  We appreciate you making Dook feel comfortable at R&R!
Laurie & Bruce Bendo, Wingham
(June 2017)


I always find taking my German Shepherd Ella to be a heart-breaking time because it means I am leaving her; however when I look in my rear view mirror on the way out she is so excited as she knows where we are going and when we get to R&R she jumps out of the car, tail wagging and heads straight in to see Rick. When I leave I am comforted knowing how happy she is to be there having a playdate and sleepover. When I return to get her she is always clean, ready and packed to come home and ever so tired because she gets to play and run so much. I have had some very trying times in our lives this past year and Rick and Angela have been sooo comforting and accommodating for me on last minute bookings.
Shauna MacQuarrie, Mount Forest
(May 2017)


We could not be happier with having our GSD Cash at R&R.  We had toured one other kennel before and just could not imagine leaving him there but when we went to meet Rick with how calm he was in meeting our overly hyper boy we knew right away it was the right place, a real pet paradise.  We love having a place close by to take Cash to and appreciate the time they put into the kennel and there really is no other place we'd feel comfortable leaving Cash.  So thank you Rick and Angela! 
Willis & Jenn Martin, Drayton
(March 2017)
I have three high spirited sporting Gun Dogs, I choose to kennel my dogs at R&R and travel farther to do so.  I needed to have impassioned professionals who I can trust to handle and care for my dogs. I found them at R&R and it provides a great piece of mind when I travel.
Kelly Kennedy, Durham
(January 2017)
I just wanted to let you know that Marlee is a little tyrant .....she is happy and carrying on like she is a pup!
As we mentioned before we left Marlee in many different kennels trying to find one that treated her well.  I want you to know this is the first time that she has not come home stressed and sleeping for a couple of days......or sick !!

Lois & Peter Goulding, Mount Forest
(December 2016)
A big thanks to Rick and Angela at R&R Pet Paradise for looking after Case once again while I was away in China. Being half way around the world, it was comforting to know she was in good hands with individuals that are experienced trainers and know the needs of an active sport dog. I know Case was kept busy and as always was exhausted when I picked her up. Having known Rick and Angela for a number of years through dog sports, I know how knowledgeable and caring they are with respect to dogs. I would recommend R&R Pet Paradise to anyone looking to board their dogs.
Dennis Alexander, Etobicoke
(September 2016)

R&R Pet Paradise has superb dog classes.  They give you the ability to learn & take basic skills needed when training and working your dog and teach you how to apply them in various situations.  I found the back-to-the-basics technique useful to help us advance with our dog.  Their classes are valuable even if your dog already has a solid training background.  Rick (& Angela) take the time to work one-on-one and show you how to modify the training based on your individual dog’s needs and personality style.  I enjoyed the social atmosphere because it allowed my dog the ability to interact & enrich her training and learning environment.
Lori VanLoo, Listowel
(August 2016)

I'm the kind of person who loves to travel but I hate to be away from my fur-babies. I am sooooo grateful that we were referred by friends to Pet Paradise! While the pups hate to be away from me almost as much, I know they have a lot of fun playing with the other dogs during their supervised play time.  Rick and Angela even keep in touch via email if you want reassurance that all is well!  During their last stay, when my dogs developed some "intestinal troubles", Rick and Angela made them rice to help settle their tummies and we were informed upon pick-up how to best continue their care.  I can't say enough how much we appreciate the attention and care that our fur-babies get at R&R! How fortunate we are to have such a great place so close to home! Holidays are so much more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about your four-legged family members! I know anytime we leave them there that they are in good hands. Thanks for past visits, Rick and Angela, and for future stays!
Cathy & Dave Smith, Mount Forest
(June 2016)
A thousand thanks to Rick & Angela for providing the excellent service at R & R Pet Paradise.  After several years of "non-dog" companionship, we acquired a new member of the household.  One of the best discoveries  I made was R & R Pet Paradise.  R & R is a superior facility with everything well thought out for the welfare & happiness of dogs.  I have no problems leaving the Magnificent Mollie at R & R.  She is always excited to go -- her excitement starts to grow from the moment we turn off the highway & she is always happy & excited to see Rick.  When we return from our adventures, we pick up a happy, tired dog!  It is wonderful to have such a great facility where we know Mollie receives great care & the opportunity to play & just be a dog!  Rick's knowledge (& willingness to share) & his sense of humour have only added to our R & R experiences!  Thank you so much!!
Susan & Chris Cressey, Palmerston
(May 2016)
We have been using R&R Pet Paradise for a number of years now for our 2 black labs Harley and Foster.  The first time they went I was a little worried leaving them as they were very shy and nervous but when I pick them up they were so happy and were exhausted, they had had so much fun swimming and playing.  From then on every time we pack their bag they get so excited they run to the car and can't wait to go which tells me that they really like it there.  Rick and Angela really take good care of them and their needs and they always come home happy and tired.  I don't ever have to worry about them.  I would recommend R&R Pet Paradise to anyone looking to board their dog.
Jennifer & Kevin Kidnie, Arthur
(March 2016)

We have a 2 year old Pyrenean Mastiff named Gunner.  We started using R&R Pet Paradise as our kennel of choice just over a year ago.  We are a very busy family...always on the go...  It is so good to feel comfortable with the people & the place where we leave our much loved family pet.  Gunner is always happy to go & stay with Rick & Angela and always comes home happy too!!  Thank you for taking good care of our dog.  The convenient on line booking is great too.
Sherry & Tony Steadman, Flesherton
(January 2016)

Trooper gets excited every time we turn onto the road... He loves it there!
Olivia Barton, Clifford
(December 2015)

R & R Pet Paradise has become my dogs’ home away from home.  I do a fair amount of travelling and always take my dogs Rick and Angela’s because they are so well looked after.  Eva (who just passed away at almost 14 years) had a lot of emotional issues and required a lot of care in her senior years. Rick was always willing to give her the extra care and meds and supplements I requested and she always came home happy and in good health.  Equis, has been going to R & R “camp” since he was a puppy and enjoys the outside play time with other dogs, playing Frisbee and the pond!  The kennel is small and super clean (the dogs don’t even need baths when they get home which is not the case from other kennels we’ve used in the past).  Thank you Rick and Angela for providing such good care so that I can travel and not worry about my “kids”.
Janet Schell, Erin
(November 2015)

My dog Pierre always enjoys his stay at R & R Pet Paradise. He loves the opportunity to romp and play with other dogs, and Rick is careful to “read” the dogs’ temperaments in order for them to enjoy playtime with their new friends. The facilities are clean and well-kept and I have no hesitation in recommending them for day-care or for a longer stay.
Shirl Christian, Clifford
(September 2015)

Rick & Angela from R & R Pet Paradise have been looking after "Sadie" our 13 year old yellow Lab for approx. 5 years and she just loves it there. She especially enjoys swimming in the pond on hot summer days. Thanks Rick & Angela.
Jim & Karen Bodendistle, Mount Forest
(July 2015)

It has been a pleasure to have R&R Pet Paradise join the Keystone Family Fun Festival these last 3 years. The dog shows always draw a huge crowd and is action packed for the whole show! They are a great group to work with and are very interactive with their audience. We love having them at our Family Fun Festival! Thanks R&R Pet Paradise!
Lindsay Speer
Keystone Child, Youth & Family Services

(June 2015)
We are writing this as a way to thank Rick and Angela for their excellent dog boarding services and to recommend their facility to others who are looking for a wonderful home away from home for their fur family members. Our schnauzers, Tay and Ted, are regular customers who get excited when they realize that we are headed to see “Rick!” They enjoy the exercise, attention and socialization that they receive under Rick and Angela’s fine care. R & R Pet Paradise is clean, cozy and accommodating. Thanks for doing a great job! 
Leanne & Jamie Morgan, Palmerston
(May 2015)

On behalf of the Victoria Cross Public School parent council, I’d like to thank you for your help with our elective program this year. You did a fabulous job of engaging the kids and fostering their curiosity and sense of compassion. Our students enjoyed themselves tremendously.  I truly hope you’ll consider offering the elective again next year — you created a buzz amongst our students.
Axy Leighl, Mount Forest
(April 2015)
We’ve been taking our 3 dogs to R&R Pet Paradise for the several years and are so happy with the care they receive there: the dogs are always excited to go and love seeing Rick and Angela. The facility is clean, the play area is large, and Rick & Angela have a great way with dogs.
Our youngest dog, Hunter, had been anxious about boarding in the past but when we get to R&R Pet Paradise, he is always eager to go to the kennel and see Rick. We are able to enjoy our vacation more knowing that our dogs are being given lots of love, exercise, and attention. Thank you so much R&R Pet Paradise for taking such wonderful care of our dogs!
Hannah & Alex Chambers, Caledon
(March 2015)
Chili & Frolic have been making occasional visits to R&R Pet Paradise since Frolic was a puppy. From the very first visit, Rick has been Frolic’s hero. Rick & Angela have been patient teachers. They are the people who taught me to throw a Frisbee so I could play with my dogs, and I know every time Chili & Frolic stay at R&R, Frisbee is on their recreation program! I recently left my very special dogs with Rick for 9 days. I had every confidence that they would be well cared for and happy. In fact, they were SO happy, that Frolic showed absolutely no interest in me when I went to pick them up. He was quite sure that R&R was his home, and he was quite content for it to be so. Chili & Frolic both came home healthy, fit, and pleasantly tired. They don’t have too many opportunities to play with other dogs, so running and playing and socializing with new “dog friends” was very good for them. I recommend R&R Pet Paradise to anyone who asks me about a “home away from home” for their canine kids.
Jan Morris, Gorrie
(January 2015)
I learned of R&R Pet Paradise through a friend. We went together to see the kennel. After looking at two others previous, I instantly had a good feeling about this one. I liked the size of the kennel. It didn't feel huge and overwhelming with 50 plus dogs. It's a more cozy, intimate feel. I also liked the outdoor play areas. They are huge fenced in areas, where the dog will be able to run around and play with others. Finley always comes home clean and like she wasn't even away! I have never see a "transition" with her coming back home. Fin has never smelt or even needed a bath after been there. I also appreciate how willing Rick and Angela are to accommodate our needs for drop off and pickup. Finley had her first visit to this kennel at 7 months old and we will continue to take her here. She is happy to go there! Twice I've had to board her elsewhere and both times she came home sticking to high heaven, covered in dirt and had the "runs" for two days afterwords! Never again my friends, R&R Pet Paradise is where it's at!
Kristen & Brad Shantz, Elmira
(December 2014)
We have been taking our dog Mia to R&R Pet Paradise for over a year now. She is a very social Cairn Terrier who loves other dogs and people. As soon as we pull into the driveway she is eager to get out, greet Angela or Rick and make her way to the kennels. When we pick her up she is happy, bouncing, and gets home exhausted from a good time. Rick and Angela are always good at telling us how Mia has been. It is important for us to have a trustworthy place where Mia can be with other dogs, have fun, and be safe while we are away and R&R Pet Paradise is that place. Thank you Rick and Angela for always taking great care of Mia.
Jessica & Micol Cottrell, Harriston
(October 2014)

I visited quite a few "doggy day cares" from Mount Forest to KW searching for the right place to leave my new pup for 2 days each week. I wanted a place where he could be socialized with other dogs, and of course where he would be safe and well cared for. I was impressed with the relaxed and caring attitude at R&R Pet Paradise and with the well maintained facilities surrounded by nature. I think it was the perfect choice for Bodhi and he is thriving. Chesapeake Bay Retriever's more than most breeds need to be properly socialized with other dogs from a young age to avoid issues later. After 4 months at R&R he's doing great!
Donna Fraser, Harriston
(September 2014)

The Mount Forest Fire Works Committee would like to thank Angela and Rick for once again bringing their R & R Pet Paradise high energy dog sport show to our Festival again this year.They combined dog sports and audience participation, with a little humour thrown in, to keep the large crowds entertained throughout their two shows.  The dogs were outstanding; Angela and Rick were very engaging with young and old. A great time was had by dogs and audience alike.
Looking forward to working together again.
Mount Forest Fire Works Committee
(August 2014)
Mattie has been enjoying stay-cations with Rick and Angela for years. We love knowing that he gets plenty of exercise, socialization with other dogs and adventures. Adventures in the pond, on the trails and within the fence at R & R Pet Paradise. We have to hold Mattie down from jumping out the vehicle window when we pull into the driveway as he is ALWAYS eager to see Rick. We are confident that Mattie is being well taken care of and enjoying his is obvious when we do come home, as he needs to recuperate and rest to catch up from all the excitement he received at R & R Pet Paradise.
Tali, John, Taija & McKenna McGovern, Mount Forest
(July 2014)

I would like to thank Rick and Angela for always taking great care of my buddies Willy and Hank. Even though Hank has a tendency to be a nervous nelly and has daily medication requirements, he always comes home from R&R Pet Paradise happy and feeling great. He even decided swimming was a fun thing to do on his last visit! Hank's older, shorter brother Willy enjoys all the space to stop and smell the world and all the trees to nap under.
Cathy Pfeifer, Mount Forest
(June 2014)

A huge thank-you to Rick and Angela for looking after my boy Bandit so well!   Bandit is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier who had never been boarded or even crated before and suffers from separation anxiety, particularly since the loss of his best friend Ginger earlier this year.  He also has issues with other dogs and playing nicely.  I was going out of the country for almost two weeks and was very concerned about how he would fare in my absence.  Although he did have a difficult time adjusting, Rick and Angela kept a close eye on him and within a few days I was sent a video of him looking very relaxed, happy and even playing with other dogs in the pond - to say I was amazed would be an understatement!  I can't express how much knowing he was in their care meant to me, I was able to relax and enjoy my holiday knowing that although he might be stressed to begin with, that they did everything possible to make him feel right at home.  I also really appreciated their updates to let me know how he was doing.  They are wonderful people who truly care, have a deep understanding of dogs and their behaviour and know how much my furry friend means to me. 
Andrea Boswell, St. Marys
(May 2014)
R&R Pet Paradise is by far the best kennel our furry family members have ever stayed at.  Smudge and Ghost are so excited when we reach Rick and Angela's driveway, if we don't unleash them, they drag us up the driveway and into the kennel with them.  Rick and Angela know exactly how to deal with the very different personalities of our "kids".  They love making new friends at Pet Paradise, but they especially love the pond! Picking them up is like picking up kids from camp; they come home happy, excited, and best of all exhausted!  Thanks Rick and Angela for taking such wonderful care of our pups.  We can now enjoy worry-free vacations knowing they are in good hands.  R&R Pet Paradise is the only kennel we trust them to and we know Smudge and Ghost can't wait for their next vacation!
Marisa & Richard Havens, Mount Forest
(April 2014)
Thanks Angela and Rick for taking such good care of our ' pack'.  I am actively involved in multiple dog sports and appreciate the fact that Angela and Rick are sensitive to my "over the top worry" about my 'furkids'.  From 3 years old to 13, and from extroverted to submissive to reactive, Angela and Rick know how to handle every possible scenario.  I am grateful for their expertise and the wonderful property that they can offer to my "kids".  Thanks so much!
Wendy & Ed Grandman, Arthur
(March 2014)
We have only ever trusted the care of our 9 year old Dachshund "Rusty" to Rick & Angela and their helpers at R&R. Rusty is always happy to go to "the doggie hotel" whenever we travel away overnight. He loves his walks and playtime there. They pay special attention to his needs, and he loves the heated floor. Even when my husband was recovering from surgery when being on crutches made trips out to do Rusty's business impossible, Rick & Angela were happy to take Rusty for daycare while I returned to work. Rusty is our baby, and it feels good trust his care to R&R when we can't be there.  Thanks to you all for taking care of our little man, like he's family.
Kelley & Lawrence Eves, Mount Forest
(December 2013)
If your canine companion is looking for a break from the monotony of family life and enjoys sniffing, mixing and playing with new friends, but also enjoys the benefits of private accommodation in a spa-like atmosphere, look no further than R&R Pet Paradise. "Sunny", our spoiled princess, has been visiting Rick & Angela for over 4 years since we moved to SW Ontario. After trying other boarding locations in the area our expectations were finally met at R&R.
Rick & Angela have the perfect experience and disposition to set our minds at rest when we are on vacation, knowing that they will care for Sunny as we would.
Although, if truth be told, she gets more exercise and socialization at R&R and she always seems to want to spend just a little longer…

Lorne, Linda & Lachlan, Mildmay
(October 2013)

We have been bringing Voodoo, our 20-month old Black Russian Terrier, to R&R since he was just a pup at 4 months of age. The idea was to introduce him to day care so he would gain more socialization with other dogs and be exposed to different environments, people and situations. If we ever wanted to go away, or in an emergency situation where we couldn't have him with us, he would always have a familiar place to go to.
It's worked out very well, Voodoo always knows when we are on the road to R&R and can hardly wait to get out of the car. It's quite amusing to see a 130-lb dog stand up in mid air on his hind legs to look over the gate to see if Rick is coming to let him in. He never does that anywhere else. Mostly we take him to R&R because he loves it so much and to give him some playtime with other dogs. He sure is tuckered out when we get him home. We did end up boarding him for the first time this summer and it was a great relief knowing we didn't have to worry about him with the excellent care Rick and Angela always give. They are certainly dog lovers and Voodoo responds positively to their calm relaxed energy.

Lorraine & Yuri Kenny, Holstein
(August 2013)

Lily and Finnigan are very special to us. With our busy schedules we needed to find the perfect "home away from home" for our dogs.  We found just that and more at R&R Pet Paradise. Rick and Angela treat our dogs as if they were their own. Fin and Lily run and swim and play during their visits and always come home a little better trained than before.  You know they are happy to go when they bark and jump tails wag with enthusiasm as we are getting close to the driveway. We will not trust the care of our dogs to anyone else.
Rick & Heather Gergovich, Fergus
(June 2013)

Elizabeth Johnston, Coordinator, Programming & Resources, 4-H Ontario
(June 2013)

Just wanted to say thank-you to Rick and Angela for the great care they provided for Dexter, our 9 month old Golden Retriever. We had a worry and stress-free vacation knowing he was being well taken care of. Dexter loves all the attention he receives and playing with his canine friends as well. He was happy to see us but not quite as excited to leave R & R Pet Paradise. For us it is definitely worth the drive.
Jacalyn, Ron, Tyler & Keegan Wood, Niagara Falls
(April 2013)

Angela and Rick and their R&R Pet Paradise have come out to our Old-Tyme Maple Syrup Festival, just north of Paisley, twice now and have been a huge hit! I don’t think there is any other activity we’ve had over the many years that has attracted so many enthusiastic fans!
The show is action-packed, fun and entertaining, to say the least! Once it begins, crowds start to form immediately! It’s the kind of show that every event organizer loves! Once they get going, the crowds smile, laugh and have a great time! They’re awesome!!
Thanks R&R Pet Paradise!

Shannon Wood, Manager of Communications, Saugeen Conservation
(April 2013)

Another great vacation for Loki!  We just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of Loki on his recent stay!   It's wonderful to have the peace of mind knowing he'll be happy while we're away!  We have a friend who’s out at our farm everyday and would gladly look after our boy while we are away, but we choose to take him to Rick and Angela for a change of pace and scenery.  We know he’s in good hands!  He’ll be visiting again!

With much gratitude,

Lisa and Bill D’Arcey, Fordwich
(March 2013)

We would like to thank-you for looking after our dogs Sally and Kodi over the Christmas season.  They have been home for a while and you wouldn't even know we were gone for holidays.  The pictures you took of our dogs in Christmas wear are hanging on the wall and we get to enjoy them every day.  Thanks for the stocking and all the treats. We look forward to using your facility again for our dogs in the coming summer months!
Sue Krzyz-Madsen, Holstein
(January 2013)

As Juno has suffered from severe separation anxiety, we weren’t sure if a boarding kennel would work for her. We surely didn’t want her to have a setback after all the work we had done. We had a trainer stay at our house once, but we felt it wasn’t the right solution being dependable on one person’s availability. When Edo found R&R Pet Paradise on the web, we wanted to check it out. After talking to Rick on the phone and a visit with both dogs, we knew this could work. A weekend overnight went very well and we decided to keep them in daycare once a week, instead of a weekly socialization class. It’s a great way to keep them familiar with the place and great for socialization as well. A couple of months later we had planned to go away for a weekend but there was a chance of thunder storms and I was worried as Juno is terrified of them. Of course, this time the weather forecast was right but I didn’t have to worry as Rick and Angela took Juno into their house where she settled in nicely and handled the storm very well.

Now, 6 months later, we bring them over twice a week and both Jake and Juno love it! It is so worth the extra hour drive. By the end of the day, when we come home, they can hardly eat their supper as they just want to curl up and sleep. A month ago we had to fly out of the country unexpectedly and when I asked Rick if he had a spot for them, the answer was: don’t worry, we’ll make room. While we were away, Rick emailed pictures of them playing with the other dogs, which really brightened our day. They had a great time.

We’re just so happy we found R&R Pet Paradise. It’s a great place, not too big and very well kept. Most important, Rick and Angela really care.
Eefje & Edo Koel, Elora
(November 2012)

We left Kenzo (our 4-year old Akita) with Rick and Angela during our three week trip overseas and we were extremely pleased to find him well-adjusted to the facility and in great shape on our return. Kenzo has always been a one-family dog – he loves us, but he’s not fond of strangers that try to get close to him - and given his breed and size (100 lbs) we take every precaution to avoid him having any negative interactions. This was going to be our first time taking a trip without him and so we were extremely anxious that his experience would be a positive one. It turns out that we had nothing to worry about. We returned to find Kenzo happily running around Rick’s legs and getting his head scratched.

Perhaps most gratifying of all was that Kenzo was in great condition when we picked him up. He was fit, playful, and smelled like we had just left him that morning. It was clear to us that Kenzo had a great time at R&R Pet Paradise and we would not hesitate to have him stay there again during our next trip.
Denise & Aleks Young, Toronto
(September 2012)

We are very fortunate to have R & R Pet Paradise in our neighbourhood and have been taking our dog "Bandit" there for many years.  Rick & Angela are exceptional when it comes to providing personal, loving care for our beloved dog.  Bandit a 10 year old malipoo just loves going for his visits. We have total peace of mind knowing that all his needs are being taken care of while he is in their care.  We highly recommend to anyone who is looking for dedicated, loving & pampered care to their pets to give R&R Pet Paradise a us you will not be disappointed.
Ken & Joan Hayward, Mount Forest
(July 2012)

Before we started taking Famous to R&R Pet Paradise he had very strong separation issues.  We could not go anywhere without taking Famous with us because he was not content being alone.  One of our neighbours told us about R&R Pet Paradise and how amazing the care and training was with her dogs, so we decided to check it out. She was right!  The care is terrific and since we have been taking Famous he has completely changed!  He no longer has to come everywhere we go and he is content to be left alone at home.  He has also picked up a few tricks from Rick... he has a new love for dog discs and plays with his everyday!  I am very happy with the service that R&R Pet Paradise has given us, and for Famous we couldn't think of a better kennel!!!
Adam Lamb, Clifford
(June 2012)

When I first adopted Rowan, she was a beautiful German Shepherd puppy full of energy. I made sure she had all her immunizations and faithfully kept her away from all other dogs until she was properly protected. Unfortunately, this meant she was not properly socialized during that formative time. While she had lots of exercise, exposure to the kittens, and play with her human, she exhibited some concerning traits. She barked at other dogs when we went to the vet, completely with raised hackles. She would put her open mouth on my hand, arm, and occasionally nip when excited and playing.
I entered Rowan in a puppy obedience class to expose her to other dogs and gain some control. She cowered behind me, and would bark at the other dogs when they came near with their tails wagging in play stance. Rowan did not know how to play with the other puppies. She was bigger and older. So, when it came time for me to think about boarding her for an upcoming family function, I ended up asking a colleague at work where they boarded their dogs. She told me about R&R Pet Paradise, and how many people she had spoken to as well, raved about the care and attention their dogs received. The dogs would actually look forward to going there and being boarded. I met Angela and went through the intake process- openly expressing my concerns. Rowan, while appearing aggressive was actually low confidence. They suggested Rowan stay for an overnight visit before her two week stay, to become familiar with the setting and learn that I would come back and get her. She managed the overnight very well and seemed happy. I was delighted and while I worried about leaving her behind for the two weeks (I even phoned), she came through it just fine (and happy).
Now Rowan spends one day a week in doggy day care. She plays with the other dogs, and is well adjusted. I cannot believe she is the same dog. Rowan will still bark and raise her hackles from time to time, but I have confidence in her- and given the chance, she will behave appropriately and socially greet the other dog (sniffing, circling, etc).
Angela and Rick have been fabulous. I always receive feedback on her day. Rowan receives top-notch care and both of us are truly grateful. R&R Pet Paradise is a wondrous place.
Diane Johnson, Mount Forest
(April 2012)

Your search for the perfect kennel can end here! Choosing a good quality kennel is important and I recommend R&R Pet Paradise. Go out and visit, talk, and look the place over. I have been taking my dogs here since they opened and have had no problems. My dogs are my best friends and very much a part of my family. Rick and Angela understand that all dogs are individuals and their temperaments should not be taken for granted. This kennel makes a visit a fun vacation for my dogs. Both Phantom and Max recognize the last turn in the road and start there excited dance in the car. You can almost hear them say, " Oh boy!" . R&R Pet Paradise is a respectable and successful kennel that I recommend to all my family and friends.
Nancy Reaume, Mount Forest
(February 2012)

I had worked with Angela in the past, so we knew that she treated her dogs with as much love and care as people treat their children. We had not had a family dog, so we weren’t aware how much a pet becomes a member of the family, until we got Jersey as a puppy last summer. Just as we wouldn’t leave our children with someone we didn’t trust to take good care of them, it was Angela that we trusted to take care of our newest little girl, Jersey. She has now stayed at R & R a few times and we have discovered that Rick has the same ability with dogs that Angela does, so they make a great team in caring for Jersey while we are away. When Jersey got out of the car on her last visit, she couldn’t get to the gate fast enough. She was truly excited to be at Pet Paradise for her own vacation. Jersey always seems happy, albeit tired, when we pick her up - a sure sign that she has had lots of fun and play time.
We have recommended R & R to friends who took their two dogs to be cared for by Rick and Angela and they had the same great experience.
Jersey will continue to spend her vacations at Pet Paradise, which will allow us to enjoy our vacations with the peace of mind that Jersey is in good and trusted hands!!
Jeff & Brenda Sippel, Listowel
(January 2012)

Poor Rocky had lived a life being neglected and unwanted. Fortunately his family surrendered him to The Dog Rescuers Inc as they no longer wished to keep him.  This was the best day for Rocky!  We at TDRI recognized that he needed one on one work and more TLC than an average foster home could provide, but Angela and Rick came highly recommended.  Our team arranged transport and crossed their fingers and paws and off Rocky went to learn "how to be a dog" and to develop a foundation that would give a foster family something to work with.  After 3 weeks Rocky came back a new little boy!  Rocky still has some issues that he is working through, but his foster Mom is able to build on the commands and positive experiences that R&R Pet Paradise gave him.  We are thankful for their TLC and patience with this great guy!  Rocky was a diamond in the "ruff" and they helped put him on a pathway where he is now finally happy and having fun!  Rocky is still looking for his forever family but in the meantime has quite the fan club!
Paws up to Angela and Rick!
The Dog Rescuers Inc, Oakville
(December 2011)

Troy has ‘issues’ and is a big, strong dog.  But Troy is also ‘My Boy’ and I fret about him as much as I do the kids!  I needed to find a kennels that I could TRUST.  It was by sheer luck I found R&R Pet Paradise, online.  Rick and I spoke on the phone about what I required for Troy him and about what R&R could offer.
What a relief after our visit!  Rick was calm, assured and confident around Troy which was what we needed.  I felt happy to leave My Boy; safe in the knowledge he was with people who understood him and could provide for him as I did at home. He was secure and comfortable.  I didn’t expect Rick to be able to do much for Troy, apart from care for him, but I was thrilled to discover that Troy was able to get to swim on his visits.
People ask ‘Can’t you book your dog in kennels anywhere?’ ‘NO!’  I will choose R&R every time.  Thank you for making what could be a stressful experience for all, a pleasure!
Katherine Taylor, Markdale
(November 2011)

Since Molly joined our family in June 2009 we have boarded her at Pet Paradise 7 to 8 times for one to two weeks at a time. We have been very happy with her treatment. She arrives home happy and tired after much running around on the lovely grounds. She appears to have no qualms about going there and seems to remember her good times with Rick and Angela including becoming more adept at frisbee catching! We will continue to utilize this excellent facility as needed and feel confident Molly is in good hands.
Bob & Patti, Clifford
(June 2011)

We are so grateful to be able to leave our dogs with Rick and Angela at R&R Pet Paradise.  They give such excellent and thoughtful care that the dogs are usually a bit depressed when they come home!  They have been especially attentive and accommodating with regards to our dogs' special needs -- providing socializing opportunities for Niska and appropriate activities for Holly (who has hip dysplasia...and is extremely whiney!).
We know that when they are at R&R, they are in the best of hands. Thanks Rick and Angela!
Jacqui and Kris, Walkerton
(February 2011)

Our two very energetic and "high maintenance" labs love coming to R & R Pet Paradise!  With their large, maintained and fenced in yard (including pond) our dogs always come home happy, well-mannered, and exhausted. Rick and Angela are very accommodating to our care instructions, and often update us on how the dogs are doing while in their care.  We love that R & R Pet Paradise is a small and intimate facility that is extremely clean and organized and we know that our dogs get the great care they deserve. It is very convenient and relaxing to drop off and pick up our dogs, since they schedule times when we can say goodbye and discuss how everything went without having to rush.  We would not leave our dogs anywhere else.
Vanessa & Josh, Durham
(January 2011)

When we first were thinking of using a real dog for the role of ‘Sandy’ in our production of Annie, for the Grey-Wellington Theatre Guild, it seemed like a daunting task to find a dog who could learn the scene and perform it in front of the lights and audience. After several months of unsuccessfully looking for our ‘Sandy’ we had R&R Pet Paradise recommended to us by another trainer. It was a terrific experience working with Angela and Rick from the first phone call. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and great to work with. Rally completely surpassed any expectation that we had for him. Rally was a hard working, friendly and talented dog who had the audiences eating out of his paw from the minute he stepped on stage! After all of the work done trying to find someone to take on the challenge of training a dog for our play, it was astonishing to watch how quickly Angela was able to determine what we needed and was able to have Rally ready for rehearsal in less than a week! All of Angela’s efforts and suggestions were appreciated.  A very heartfelt thank you to Angela, Rick and Rally for everything. Now we just need to find another script with a part in it for Rally!
Kelly Lenselink, Assistant Director
Peggy Raftis, Producer and Grey Wellington Theatre Guild President
(January 2011)